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Greetings and Blessings at the Feast of Tabernacles…

1890 Holman Bible - Tabernacle with Scripture

Graphic: Public Domain, The Tabernacle in the Wilderness; illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible
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…On this Festival of Our Joy, sending a greeting and blessing to all fellow image bearers of the God of creation…

While you sojourn in this wilderness world in an earthen vessel, may you know the blessing of God’s true presence in Messiah Jesus, our Immanuel, wherever God takes you, whatever God ordains for your life this side of glory…

While you wait for what next unfolds in this wilderness experience, may you rest confidently in the knowledge of the purpose God has breathed into your life in all things…

While you walk through this world of shadows and barren places, may you drink deeply from the wells of the sweet water of salvation in Messiah Jesus…

While you contend boldly with the consequences of life in a fallen vessel, may you embrace walking in the light of the gaze of a holy God bathed in the oil of the joy of the Holy Spirit, clothed in the pure righteousness of Messiah Jesus…

May you know the joy and peace of His Kingdom and Government increasing in your heart and life.

Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles

L’Chaim b’Yeshua – To LIFE in Jesus!

Pray for Awakening…

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…” –Psalm 122.6




“Be still,” He said, whispering gently to the expectant wood,

The Mighty, Holy Author of all light,

“Cease your leafy labors bearing food.

Let the quiet chill of autumn’s night woo your brilliant beauty to a head.

Delight Me as I fashioned you of old,

Your golden, crimson plumage to behold.”


They heard His holy whispers lilting like a hymn, all the verdant leafy columns of the wood,

And yielded, as all nature will attest,

To the Voice of Him whom they understood,

The Master of their seasons of industry and rest,

And surrendered every one, each leaf and limb, to the lullaby of Him who planned of old

That autumn’s light be wreathed in radiant gold.


Rejoicing as their foliage flamed in glorious hue, and wond’ring at mankind’s ceaseless, frenzied pace,

They to their Master lifted up their cry,

“Would that men could see You face to face,

And would upon Your Sovereign Will rely,

As they were fashioned to delight all ways in You,  and hear Your call to rest as they behold

The splendor of Your handiwork in autumn’s radiant gold.”


“Some men will,” He answered as they cried, “behold My face and love My sov’reign plan as do you,

In your obedience to My voice and My design.

You’ve been created by and for My Son who foreknew

Each frantic, sin-sick soul who sees your golden shine,

And hears My Spirit’s witness that for each He died, upon a tree bearing countless sorrows and untold.

For these His crimson poured, in season, op’ning Heaven’s gold.”

 ©Patricia Stachew, November 2004

In the strength of the Lord…

I woke this morning not feeling well–not feeling well at all. My entire night was a series of brief sleep periods interrupted by pain which I began experiencing earlier in the evening. I cannot put my finger on any one thing which might have triggered the pain which was accompanied by a persistent, but low-grade queasiness and a general feeling of un-wellness. I suspected that my thorn in the flesh, aka chronic fatigue syndrome, has reared its ugly head after a relatively long period of remission. Diagnosed with this, my own private adversary, nearly 30 years ago, I am no stranger to its devious tactics, attacking at the most unsuspecting times. It’s fickle; it retreats for awhile, lulling a “type A” into shifting recklessly into high gear. It blindsides when it re-emerges, wreaking havoc on all the momentum gained during its retreat, and somehow manages to confuse its victim about its visitation when the collection of its tools of torture begins its work of eroding both body and soul. It wrenches all the motivation and strength out of its victims, leaving them caught on a wicked tightrope between illness and wellness–it can go either way at any time…

Facing the day caught in a body tormented by the weakness and uncertainty about whether I was going to function at any level or simply cling to my bed was not my idea of a good morning. Had I not spent time praying in the night during those intermittent wakeful times between sleep, I would have missed God’s answer to my prayers when I felt His prodding to take courage and make a start this morning. Just enough of His strength to move my reluctant body out of the bed, planting my feet squarely on the floor and take the first step…

god strength2

Hot tea! That was my first thought upon discovering I could move without pain, although the queasiness was still stalking me. Thanks to my husband’s own eagerness for morning tea, I heard the comforting, merciful whistle of the kettle beckoning me to come and find therapy in the steamy, mellow blend brewing in my mug. I couldn’t help thanking God for so simple and basic mercy as the hot tea… And as I sipped and savored it, feeling the warmth flow through my aching being, I realized that I could take the next step, as God wooed me to trust His strength. I found I could stomach some toast with the tea; it did not turn to pain as I feared it might… Then I discovered I could consider putting on my jeans and working quietly for just a little while in my garden. God blessed me with the help of my husband, who, suffering with his own chronic pain and weakness, set a goal which we both could manage in the strength of the Lord…

Onward we went together, the Lord and I, a step at a time, throughout the day–a little bit of work and time to rest; no thoughts of retreat into my bed. My heart was encouraged by the triumphs of God’s presence, help and strength in my weakness; He won the victory for me over my inclination to hide, waiting and hoping for a painless day before I would walk with Him…

This evening, my thoughts don’t come so easily as I exercise my brain to put words to this day’s tender mercies. Nevertheless, I sense the presence and strength of the Lord to simply add a description of this moment in my life to the journals of the many lives in this community of writers. Someone out there is feeling weak in a world that has no patience with weakness. May my weakness entrusted to the strength of the Lord encourage someone among my readers who needs The Strength that the world cannot supply nor can the inner self summon.

I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD… –Psalm 71.16a

When there are just too many thoughts…

Today I had sincere intentions to share and express something that adds my voice to other voices of encouragement out there in the big wide world. I simply have too many thoughts to be of any good; but, I guess that’s okay, because God knows every one of them and exactly how they will emerge out of the fractal web that is my current mental condition… I praise Him for all the wondrous things floating around in this big old clay pot that I am, and trust Him for a timely expression.

My little Word Press prompt at the top of my posting window says, “Draft saved. Keep on goin’!” Well, I can’t keep on goin’. My grey cells need a break… So, may God grant the increase to this little bit of what can trickle out of my stream of consciousness… Stay tuned for updates…


If anyone else out there is experiencing this phenomenon of having more to say than can be articulated, my prayers are with you today… I’m going to go rest my little grey cells for a bit, and listen for the voice of the Lord… “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” –Isaiah 30.15

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