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To blog or e-mail? Do it all from the heart…

being a memory

I admit it to the whole world: I’m slow and cannot keep up with the cultural pace in these parts of the world. I’m slowing down, people. It is a fact of growing older in the body, but my mind and my heart are not willing to become “seized up.” Many of my friends are younger than I. They still have places to go, people to see, and things to do. Who has time to sit at tea and simply chat about whatever is happening in their life–or to share some encouragement from the Scriptures or pray or share music with each other–or want to know the story of an older woman? I grew up in an era when the simplicity of these blessings was still accessible, and have watched as the times and progress have taken away this vital part of life, while yet opening an entirely new avenue for the “global village” to lay hold of it if they will… Although, in our times and culture, friends and family have to synchronize their “dayrunners” with another dear one for any hope of a luxury like this, it can be done; but often we use our e-mails or chat boxes to even accomplish this… Many even text on their phones instead of dialing and waiting for their contact to answer and carry on a voice conversation for a moment or two… Do I sound like I’m complaining here? Not really; I’m just observing the avenues we enjoy for connecting at the heart and how we use them, for better or for less… And I’m also sharing for the sake of this generation who never knew the simplicity the generations before them enjoyed–when it was enough… They cannot imagine a world without the convenience of electronic messaging. (Hope it never comes to that, but that’s not for this blog.)

Read on, if you dare. After, all, this is a blog. And don’t tell me you haven’t thought about–maybe even written about–this on your own blog or other social medium…

My “little grey cells” are spinning and observing that with the age of technology and communication, keeping close with people we know and love, and deepening friendships with those we really want to know, would be easy–in fact, IRRESISTIBLE.  But it’s a bigger challenge than at any time in the history of mankind. When everyone on social media has over 100 friends and decades of pages they follow, how can they process it all? A day is still only 24 hours, right? When you factor in bathing, meals, laundry, errands, paperwork/school/job, physical maintenance, family and sleep, how much time remains to “connect at the heart level” with all the people to whom your heart has become closely linked? I wish this had all been around when my mother was still alive; I think she would have blazed a new trail in her life and learned to use this medium to connect with her children who are scattered all over the USA. I’m thinking, maybe it was better in the days when dear ones anticipated a post by pony express; their hearts were not expecting instant gratification and they knew the communication did not come often, easily or cheaply.

Perhaps I’m taking it all far too seriously; but since I am not able to keep up with the pace of activities my friends and family enjoy, I depend on this medium to keep a lifeline of sorts between us. It’s intoxicating in a sense, because I find the expectation of the “cyber express” everyday–a new connection at the heart with someone whom God has blessed and enriched my life, a cyber hug, a word of instruction or exhortation, a conversation about a shared post and how it relates to our lives in Christ in this world… And this includes e-mails. Many of my family and friends have shied away from social media and communicate with me via e-mail, which, for most people nowadays has become more personal than it was when first birthed nearly 20 years ago to the home user. Add video chats to that mix, and “voila!” another marvelous option for staying in touch! How blessed we are, people! We really do not need to feel lonely or abandoned when a friend moves 3,000 miles away; God has provided a lifeline. “God, protect my appetite for this from becoming a glutton for recognition and self fulfillment; let me not make it a god…But let me use it for the love of others and for Your glory…”

Some might be saying, “O, get a life, already!” I can only answer that I’ve got a LIFE and I want to share it before I die. That’s at the top of my bucket list…

I thank God for the blessing of e-mail, social media, blog pages, and video chats. And, thank you, Word Press, for giving me a place to tell the story God has written in my life… May I be found faithful.

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