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The Real Neat Blog Award – What Fun!

real-neat-blogI was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by What a surprise and an honor! Thank you so much, kbailey!

Part of this nomination includes answering some questions and nominating others.  Although it’s voluntary, I like the idea, because it encourages me to follow up with my comments and my “likes” of other bloggers with another form of appreciation. But if you are nominated, any part of acceptance or participation is up to your inclination–no obligation of any kind…

Your mission, should you accept the Real Neat Blog Award, is as follows:

1. Put the award logo on your blog. You can do this by saving the image in this post to a folder on your computer. Then open your WordPress site; click on “new post.” Once you are in the draft window, click on “Add Media” and copy the image in your computer folder into the loading zone area on your WordPress media window; note the URL address in the attachment information window and copy it; go ahead and insert the image into your post; it will show up in your draft, but also be retained in your media files. Now go back to your main site administration and choose “customize;” choose “widgets;” choose “image;” when the little window opens, paste the URL from your media file into the window asking for the URL; name it, if you want to, and click “save.” It will then show up on the panel on your main page along with the other things you have added for your site…

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

6. Ask your nominee(s) 7 questions which you would like to know about them.

KBailey’s seven prompts for me to answer are:

1. What’s your favorite season and why? My favorite season of the year is Springtime. Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere, that season comes in March, April and May. I love the new life emerging out of the ground. I like watching the buds in the trees emerging from their blood-red embryonic state to that neo-natal green mist on all the branches. Between that, the clear blue sky or the soft mists of spring, and the pastels of all the early blossoms, the world becomes a Rococo painting reminding of me of the work of Jean-Honore Fragonard. Dazzling! In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is also the season which coincides with the Biblical season of Passover and Firstfruits (Resurrection). It is the time of year which reminds me of my new birth in Messiah Jesus. Dazzling! Unforgettable!

2. What is the thing that helps you bear your depression or helps you move out of it (if you do suffer from depression) I have suffered more from anxiety–that heightened threshold where, for no reason I can name at any given time, my “fight or flight” response engages. Depression hits me in the backwash of battling the anxiety. Between the two, I can quickly lose my bearings and my ability to focus on anything. Slowing down and spending time in the Word of God and prayer are the two things that restore my bearings. I have particular verses which remind me of the Truth of God’s sovereign care in my life–the exquisite love of the Father, and the strength of the Lord Jesus when I am weak.

3. Who is your favorite person and why (don’t have to use a name). My favorite person: I guess the idea of this question is to name someone who shows me the most love with skin on it–the one who knows me and all my warts, who will always tell me the truth and who knows just how to do it, and who loves me even when I am not particularly loveable. Well, in all honesty, I have to say that the One who has pre-eminence in my life is Jesus. He is, after all, more real a Person than many persons I know. But if I have to name the human being who is not God, but who is the closest thing to being the expression of His love in my life, I would have to choose my husband. Forty-five years of faithful love for me is reason enough.

4. What is your least favorite thing to do? I don’t like shopping in overcrowded, noisy shopping malls. There are lots of blog thoughts to share about this, if I ever find the voice to express them…

5. Name 5 things that are on your desk right now? Well my desk is workstation for multi-tasking and is inseparably linked to my computer. There is room to write with pen and paper; but most of my productivity–if you can call it that–is generated out of this marvelous computer. Here are five things that have found a permanent home on my desk/workstation…

  • My Janome Memory Craft 11000 sewing machine which is connected to my computer; there are lots of blog thoughts to share about this item…

  • A little wooden thimble angel given to me by a sweet sisterchick who is now in Heaven (she qualifies as one of my most favorite people, and I miss her)–the message which the angel bears is pinned to her skirt:

    “For Friend: We’re both growing older but, that isn’t so bad, when I remember all the good times we’ve had. You’ve been there to listen and to help me grow. And that’s why, Friend, I love you so. I know God loves you as much as I do and that’s why He has this little Angel watching over you.”

  • My prayer journal;

  • A printout of Psalm 71 kept under a clear lucite panel; and

  • Photos of three precious children suffering in a difficult family situation, and a photo of my husband and me. These photos are loose and placed flat sharing the space under the lucite panel covering them and the printout of Psalm 71.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world and had the money to do it, where would you go? Probably New Zealand. I have family-in-Messiah there who run a backpacker’s camp at Dansey’s Pass Holiday Park, near Oamaru on the South Island of Otago. Add to that the previews of that landscape in the Chronicles of Narnia and the Tolkien movies, and I think I would be thrilled to be at the farthest ends of the earth for awhile, just to see what God is doing.

7. What do you like most about yourself?  If there is anything to like about myself, it is because God has granted that gift to me by His grace. I have finally rested in that, so that when I look in the mirror at this stage of my life, I can accept the truth that God is pleased with how He fashioned me; and so I have no right to be wishing to look like anybody else or to be wanting someone else’s talents, giftings or personality. With that awareness firmly fixed in my thinking on this question, I guess I would have to say that I like who I am becoming in Christ and my small, unique, dedicated place in the Body of Messiah and in the work of God in my life this side of Heaven. Let me add, as a footnote to this, that if my readers feel that this answer is not personal enough–not human enough–if it seems like borderline fakery to them, I have to tell you all that I must look at myself through God’s eyes and from this perspective. I have spent too many of my years being discontent with who I am–the creature that God has fashioned by His good pleasure–too busy have I been changing my hair color, trying to be the perfect weight, and all the other images and characteristics the popular culture holds in high esteem. I’m not blonde anymore; my haircolor is the blend of mithril and the forest leaves and rocks, so that no goblin would be able to pick me out of the landscape when viewed overhead. I’m not the perfect weight, although I am healthy and can definitely do the moves; I’m not “Barbie.” I’m a curvy Hobbit lady with Arwen’s heart and Frodo’s feet–a curious blend, to be sure; but God’s own design…and I am content with who I am becoming by His matchless grace.

There are several bloggers I find “Real Neat.” They are very busy bloggers, however–prolific, in fact. I feel somewhat timid about approaching them just now. So, I am going to wait a bit before I intrude on their schedules. For now, I nominate simplygiselle at for the Real Neat Blog Award. She’s busy, too. She really does have sass and class, and I like that. I’m hoping she will see this as another way I express my appreciation for her writing. So here are my questions for Giselle. I am going to include some of kbailey’s questions, too, because they were very thoughtful.

1. How do you feel about being recognized as a blogger? Does the social aspect of receiving a nomination for an award of sorts encourage you or does it annoy you in any way? Tell me about it…

2. Do you like music and/or color? If so, what musical styles and what shades of the color spectrum appeal to you and inspire your writing the most?

3. Do you like fragrance? If so, what scents appeal and awaken your senses to express your thoughts?

4. How does your particular landscape and area of the country speak to the priorities and values you place foremost in your life?

5. Name five things which sit on your desk/workstation at this moment. Have they found a permanent home there? Why are they there instead of somewhere else?

6. What do you like most about yourself?

7. What is your least favorite thing to do? [And I hope it’s not receiving the Real Neat Blog Award 😉 ]


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