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Learning how to participate on Word Press…

Well, here goes. The timer is on for 10 minutes, and I’m typing as fast as I can on a keyboard that is just a bit sticky. What, in the world does one share with everybody who is seasoned and articulate–who have the gift and the words right at the ready to be edifying and interesting? I am very much a thinker; I deliberate. I ruminate and process…sometimes that’s good and a lot of times, like in this instance, it’s a big disability. Yet, I realize that this exercise is a sharpening one. I like to write. My favorite class in high school was English and English Literature. That brings back memories. I wonder, if my 11th grade English teacher could see what the windmills of my mind produce, what she would say. She was the greatest… I’d like to think that if she were here now, and even looking over my shoulder as I write, she would be glad for all the ways I listened to her correction and encouragement. She was a stickler about run-on sentences. Oh! How I needed to be tamed! I could go on and on. When I would submit book reports, my early ones under her watchful tutelage always came back with marks, comments and suggestions for a better way to construct a sentence or present a thought. Now, I sometimes wish I still had her, because this exercise on Word Press–my first “on demand-let’s do it-don’t worry about it-just write for heaven’s sake!” is the litmus test for how much I remember and am willing to exercise. I am slowing down, now, because I think I’ve run out of thoughts about this challenge…I could change the subject completely, but I think that might be somewhat confusing, don’t you? We would all be wondering, “Where is this lunatic going with her thoughts now?” I won’t do that… There’s the timer. I can’t believe I did this… Too funny!!! I am going to  publish this just as it is–no varnishing, no editing, no veneers. Y’all try to be nice to me if you have any comments and suggestions. Blessings on your day. This was fun, even if it feels really weird to me… 🙂

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