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Georgetown Rose DMuch of what buds and flowers in my outlook on life was planted in the old Georgetown neighborhood where I lived in my early childhood. God used my childhood in Georgetown to immerse me in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural environment while being grounded from youth in Catholic spirituality…

Many might conclude that everyone who came out of Georgetown is the product of privilege and affluence, but that was not the case in my life. As God saw fit, my parents were “immigrants” to the DC metro area from the Mid-west during WWII. My father worked in a Government facility which supported our US forces in the war effort, and he and our family were housed in Federally provided housing for war-time laborers leased on Jesuit property adjacent to Georgetown University. We were the Capital City’s “poor relatives” until the lease on the land expired in 1955 when the community of which I was a part in the first part of my life this side of Heaven was dismantled and scattered. God provided a house for our family in a working class neighborhood in Virginia suburb which introduced me to new schools and a student population which was less diverse culturally and ethnically, and awakened me to the existence of others more privileged and affluent than me. We were now the “poor relatives,” in a growing, suburban post-war region…

Did I feel poor? Not so much in the material sense; but I always felt left out–like a stranger–on the outside looking in. None of that feeling was because my shoes and clothes were second-hand or home-sewn. The poverty I felt was an insatiable desire to be loved and wanted by the father which God ordained would be my earthly dad. My mother loved me in a thousand ways which will be topics of other posts. For this moment, what is essential to say is that I was born with a God-shaped hole in my whole being which took a long time to be filled, and in perfect timing.  I can only say, as I reflect on that difficult passage in this life God has given me, that God must have wanted me to turn to Him with all my heart first and foremost. I believe–and not without evidence to the facts–that God left me unsatisfied by anything earthly so that He could show me His own extraordinary capacity to be both Master of all creation and supremely intimate Lover of my soul.  He used my exposure to Catholic liturgy to draw me back from the brink of despair to be reborn and filled with assurance of life and love and purpose…

God didn’t satisfy my appetite for being loved and wanted by my dad, even though before he died my dad voiced his thanksgiving that I was around to help him get through the hardest time in his life–his dying days. But for the grace of God, neither one of us could have foreseen the work and purpose of God brought to fruition in those two years of our relationship.  I could not have ministered to my dad if I had not already experienced the love of God as my eternal Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Indeed, I could not have known any mercy without the love of God as my eternal Father drawing me to the Arms of the Lord Jesus Christ…

Now, I write about Him and the LIFE He has given me in Jesus. By the power of the Holy Spirit  He has poured the exceeding riches of His grace into me. Why would I keep silent with so great a Salvation filling and satisfying my being in all kinds of circumstances–in tears, in laughter; in joys and in sorrows; in the painful and the pleasant; in the comfortable and the unsettling? That would be like a doctor withholding the cure for cancer from a dying soul..

I am now, and have been for 49 incredibly wondrous years, a wife and homemaker, and live with my husband in the Washington DC metro area. There are lots of dots to connect in reflection and journaling between my childhood years and my life in the present decade. On the outside I’m not the image of youth, but on the inside I am becoming more and more like the child in my thumbnail photo. My favorite activity is listening and communicating with others. God willing, my entries on this site will be a body of encouragement to the readers and respondents, praise to God for His greatness and kindness, and a testimony of the LIFE of Messiah Jesus changing me from glory to glory…

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  1. Carter Vail on said:

    Hello! You have a beautiful blog! Congratulations on finishing blogging 101! Will you be taking blogging 201? I look forward to seeing you around wordpress. Good luck!

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    • Hi, Carter. Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I’ve visited your blog and I think you have amazing talent for descriptive writing; it’s graphic and pictorial, and it must come from deep experience and thoughtful reflection. I must confess that your style is so effective that it evokes more adrenalin response in me than I can handle. But I am sure your writing style and content will abundantly satisfy your readers’ appetites with a sensory experience tailored for their cultivated tastes. In the words of “Weird Al” Yankovic: I’m just too “white and nerdy…” 🙂 Keep on tapping that buried treasure you have; I’m sure your versatility will emerge in ways, perhaps, which might surprise or even scare you. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for your follow and comments!

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  3. The warmth of your person is felt through your blog. Thank you for the kind words you’ve left me. I hope Monday treats you well.


  4. Having been to a couple of your pages, I thought I should check out your About Page, because I wasn’t sure that I had ever been here. It was worth it just to see the lovely picture that I am assuming is you as a child. I wanted to thank you for your visits out my way and the kind words you left in my comment section, they were much appreciated. So I hope you will continue to write as I know that I shall continue to read. We shall see you later. Thanks again.


  5. Wow! What a wonderful, powerful testimony! You are an amazing woman and I am so fortunate to have you following my little blog. Thank you and blessings back,

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  6. Amen, funny thing about life, we all have a cross to bare but I and so many others believe in one God, one Savior and the Holy Spirit who keeps lifting us up even when our faith is in doubt.

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  7. Enjoying your blog – what a blessing! Praise God!

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    • Thank you, Dora, for visiting this blog site where I occasionally can put an idea into a few coherent thoughts. My hope is to glorify God and to speak courage and truth into others’ lives in such a time as this… Many blessings to you.


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