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In the Image of God…

..Thought questions from our community study of  “WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE…”


WLA_vanda_1520_Adam_and_Eve Loy Hering [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

How does the idea of God’s image reinforce the priority of our knowledge of God as the chief component of a worldview? In this respect, how does the biblical worldview differ from those based on moral relativism or macroevolution?

Ideas have consequences. The consequences of the idea that man is created in the image of God are that there is, indeed, a God who is sovereign and providential in and over all things in the world. Furthermore, such a God-centered, Biblical worldview sees that man is not a grown up germ, but rather that man bears the personal image of God in his being–a dignifying quality of life, with design and purpose. If we retain our knowledge of God in our worldview, then we also are confident in the knowledge that there is absolute truth.

Conversely, the consequences of the idea which refuses to have the God of creation in its thinking, negates the image of God in mankind. Furthermore, a worldview predicated on this idea leads to the shifting of morality at man’s own whim and inclination, and while exalting humanism, it simultaneously devalues the sanctity of human life.

Without the certain knowledge of the God in whom we live and move and have our being, there is a denial that persons are made in the image of God. A humanistic worldview ultimately suffers the loss of the identity of “personhood,” struggles with finding purpose in anything; and its logical end is futility.​

Teaching Children to Develop a Biblical World View

  • Our days began to be numbered; our bodies began to become frail and to decay…
  • We lost our innocence before a holy God…
  • Our knowledge of our purpose in life became darkened…
  • Our memory that we are created in the image of God became darkened…
  • We became adversaries to God’s plan and His good purposes…
  • We gave up our dominion over Satan who is one of the creation over whom we were meant to rule (Romans 1.18-25),,,

  • Did not take away His image from us; we can still learn and work to make life better…
  • Did not take away His Spirit to guide, convict, counsel and correct…
  • Promised One–His Son Jesus–who would come to conquer the power of Satan…

A world view question for everyone:

Psalm 51; Matthew 1.21; 1 Timothy 1.15

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