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Whose Kingdom?

We’ve been called to have dominion over the earth to the glory of God, but we want dominion for the glory of man. That’s what was going on at Babel—a distortion, an evil twisting of the legitimate task that God had given mankind.”

–R.C. Sproul

Our Story by R. C. Sproul

Go ahead! Read the link above; and then, I have some thoughts of my own to share… 

Shared this a year ago on my Facebook page. At that time, America was approaching a huge decision in its democratic privilege to choose leaders in the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government–which, in turn, would affect the choice of leaders in our Judicial Branch of government…

…As I have been reviewing 1 Kings 11 and 12 in my studies of last week. All about how king Solomon’s sin tore the kingdom apart and the life which the people of Israel faced in the wake of Solomon’s death…

Two men in the wake of Solomon’s reign: Rehoboam his son; and Jeroboam his servant. Two men who would not hear wise counsel.

Rehoboam rejected the wisdom of his father’s elders, but intensified his father’s oppression. Jeroboam rejected God’s wisdom and made Israel to sin against God. He did not heed God’s counsel and promise to him in 1 Kings 11.37-38. Jeroboam listened to his own paranoia and ego instead (1 Kings 12.26-28)…

Neither one of them sought God’s wisdom; neither one of them had a heart for what God’s Kingdom is to be…

Ever wonder how the faithful among the people of Israel felt at that time? Which king does one who loves God honor and recognize? With one comes the hardship of usurious taxes and service; with the other comes the state sanction against living worship of God and against finding reconciliation with God before the place He appointed for His Name to dwell and the means of grace…

It occurred to me that the tribes of Israel did not have to go along with Jeroboam’s political platform; they were not deprived of a choice. They did not deliberate on the ramifications of such a move, nor place limits on Jeroboam’s response to Rehoboam’s rigidity. They chose to go along with Jeroboam in his disgruntlement against the government of the House of David and set themselves at odds with the means of grace at Jerusalem…

Questions arise in my mind. Whose sin was worse? Does this historical event which reveals the inclinations of men’s hearts have significance for those who react to the state of government in our country? What do those who believe in Christ hold more important in a leader?

Patricia’s Past Facebook Thoughts – History


…And as I reflect on the lessons in our church’s Sunday School curriculum this year– Yeshua/Jesus declaring the Kingdom of God–I also reflect on R. C. Sproul’s article from TABLETALK, commenting on Genesis and the kingdom of man… (See the link I shared above. Really! Go ahead and read it! It will do your little grey cells good!) 

My earnest prayer is, “LORD, Jesus, Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

In my own dusty existence in this earthen vessel… Let the increase of His government have no end…


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