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Fill the earth and subdue it…

Then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth’.”

Genesis 1.28 NKJV

In recent weeks, my wee corner of the earth has been filled with the things of a creative mind multiplying for the sake of children’s ministry–

Story Stand-up FiguresI was given a resource from a craft distributor for use in our Sunday School for an Easter lesson. The resource was a pack of card stock figures for re-telling the story of Jesus’ Resurrection. They are lovely line drawings on white cardstock, made to color and stand up on a flat surface. Each pack included a story card on which is written the story of what the disciples of Jesus found when they arrived at the tomb on the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. The moment I saw these, my mind saw the possibilities for a child’s modified Resurrection/Grace Garden…

resurrection garden 1In case you have not seen one, a Resurrection/Grace Garden is a small arrangement in a container, made to resemble the garden where Jesus’ tomb stood. The elements of the landscape reflect the environs of Judea, and the tomb can be made from earthen plant pots, etc… Ultimately, the idea is to create a scene which depicts and remembers the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ at Easter, in much the same way we set out nativity sets at Christmas.

So, my little grey cells began to whir and click and hum—at the quickening of the Holy Spirit—about how to gather the elements for a combined class of pre-schoolers through first graders, 15 children on a full-house Sunday, to make their own little Grace Garden for Easter celebration…

fill the earth-subdueMy “earth” soon became filled with Wilton cake boards to serve as the platform for the standing figures and the bits of landscaping; the sandpaper, the mosses, the tiny little pebbly shells and bits of finely crumbled rock, the plastic grasses, bushes, succulents, the scrap card stock from my stash to use as the flats for the gardenscape strips… and then the different types of adhesives for the best adherence and ease of construction in the class…

Then, I realized how limited is the time we have to work on such a project in the classroom; and I began to consider how best to prefabricate the landscape so that the children would enjoy the work of constructing their craft project and be able to finish in time to take it home…

They would need to color the standing figures, and then adhere each one to its appropriate place on the landscape…

My mind began to whir and click and hum again, at the quickening of the Holy Spirit, about how to subdue all the elements which were filling my little corner of the earth…

Garden Strips Left & Right

“Garden” Scape Strips

Story Garden Platform

Platform for Figures & Garden Strips

Story Stand-up Figures

Stand-up Resurrection Story Figures

Story Card Folder

The Resurrection Story Card Folder w/Story Inside

My experience in the preparation of this Easter celebration Sunday School craft taught me volumes about the meaning of what God intended when He called our ancient parents to “fill the earth and subdue it….” It is a labor of love and sacrifice; and, because of the Fall, it is a labor accompanied by tears and trembling and in weakness and hope… One quite literally sows her being into the ground of the earth in order to bear fruit to worship God… And this taught me more of what it is to trust God in a work inspired by His Spirit, but beyond my natural abilities–His grace which is truly sufficient for these aging little grey cells; for these fingers and fatigue-ridden back and shoulders, as the labor of subduing all the elements progressed one step at a time…

Grace Garden Craft…And because of His LIFE in mine, it is a labor of joy in subduing all the gatherings–in their tumult and diversity–into something the children can enjoy, learn, understand and share for the increase of Christ’s glory in this earth…

My hope is for the fruit to increase and multiply in the lives of our young children to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ…


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