…from glory to glory

Morning Glory


Tuesday morning in the Year of Our Lord 2017: Rising from sleep realizing the line-up of activities for the day ahead…making my head spin…the overpowering urge to crawl back to the refuge of covers and pillows and burrow there till either I can rise with my own feeling of strength to conquer or my bodily functions force me to give them due attention under threat of mutiny and something else to add to the day’s activity…

…But instead, I chose to rise and check my messages in my e-mail; and then, of course, the weather report on line… all leading me to open my Bible Gateway website and enter the ribbon link for this morning’s message from the Lord to my mind and heart before launching into my preparations to get to my Women’s Bible Study on time–for a change…

This morning the reading would be  “for the road” and it got my mind on the One who is sovereign over all the things on the road ahead…the One whom I love, in whom I delight…

What I found in the morning readings of the Daily Office in my edition of the Book of Common Prayer: Psalms 120-123; Ruth 1.15-22; 2 Corinthians 1.12-22; Matthew 5.13-20  will have to wait for later…

…for now, got to go… Blessings all around…

In the Morning…Psalm 92


Here is a link to view these passages: Scripture Passages in NKJV

On this link, you may also find a menu from which to choose alternate translations…

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