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My Morning Thoughts-Feast of Tabernacles, Day 2

…In our CBS group we’ve been in the Book of Ezra this week. This morning, reading about those who were documented among the first to return to Jerusalem, the cities of Judah and the cities of Israel from the captivity at the time of Cyrus, king of Persia.

One study question asked why we think the careful detail of names and tribes of the returning Jewish people was documented in Ezra 2…

One important detail would be knowing who was of the priestly house according to God’s Word; another important detail would be knowing who was of the line of Judah and his offspring for the royal house…

Finally, one of the most encouraging details in general is this:

the historical documentation that the Jewish people live.

God did not destroy them. Am Yisrael Chai!

For the Body of Christ, this should strike your kishkes (your innards) deeply; because, if God does not keep His promises to the Jewish people (and Satan is working over time to destroy them to discredit God’s veracity), then the Body of Christ has no reason to expect that God will keep His promise to preserve those who believe in Messiah Jesus…

…Just a thought…

Fairest Lord Jesus – Maranatha Celtic




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