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The Days of Awe and the Eve of Yom Kippur

Listen to the sound of the shofar.

Today we are on the threshold of one of the most solemn Biblical Holy Days, The Day of Atonement. As the shofar is sounded today, we remember two major implications of what we have been remembering on all the other Days of Awe and Remembrance…

The first is this: God’s promise to gather the remnant of Israel to the Messiah has not been revoked.

The prophet Daniel speaks of a time when the people of Israel will endure a trouble unlike any they have ever known in history, but God will deliver them so that they would not be destroyed. Daniel 12:1

Many of Israel have already believed in Jesus and gone to be with Him; but the prophet Isaiah speaks of God’s promise to  gather all the people of Israel who remain after the time of Jacob’s trouble. Isaiah 11.11-13

The apostle Paul exhorts those who believe in the Lord Jesus to remember that, although there is a blindness in part afflicting Israel until the Gentiles come to the fullness of either their part in salvation or their iniquities, God’s irrevocable desire is to deliver Israel from ungodliness. Romans 11.25-29

So before we go on to the second implication, consider how this truth is applicable to your life in times like these…

What is the attitude of your heart toward the Jewish people?

Since none of us knows who is blinded–either Jew or non-Jew–and who is not, are you a co-laborer with Messiah Jesus in gathering the Jewish people to safety in Him?

Will you pray for those who are yet unbelieving?

Will you engage in redemptive dialog with those whom God brings into your sphere of influence?

Ask God to give you the heart and the training to be a gatherer of Israel during your generation…

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