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Fellow Bloggers, Notice of Troublesome Site…

I was reviewing the visitors to my blog this evening, and attempting to visit new bloggers. I clicked on one site which indicated a “like” of one of my posts. What happened next was unnerving to say the least. I received a screen message producing an unresponsive script.

The Screen Message:   ***Security Error Code 0x80070424

The screen message stated that there was a virus which had attacked my computer and I should contact Microsoft immediately, warning me not to turn off my computer because I would lose all my data. I was directed to a telephone number to call to receive instructions on how to correct this attack. This is a sham designed only to either cause more intrusion or extract money from the people it scares…

The website associated with this screen message was preceded by the usual http prefix:

chksyslihneeroorserachinefjoiwr…. plus a long string of numbers full of sixes… on and on and on and on…

I suspect this was the origin of the unresponsive script…

Anyway, all this was triggered when I attempted to visit the following “liker” whose website was also preceded by the usual “www” prefix and followed by the usual “.com” suffix:

Name: kosmogonic

The reason I am not typing the site addresses in the usual fashion is that when I do, these suspicious sites show up as links in my post. I do not wish to cause any more problems…

After examining WordPress’ reporting policy, they only support reporting blog sites which contain the name in their identity. However, it was suggested that bloggers could post something to let other bloggers know of an offending or intrusive party.

Whether or not my “kosmo” friend meant to upset things, I do not know. What I do know is that I receive notifications in my e-mail of those who like or comment on my posts. When I backtracked to examine this intrusion more closely, I found that “kosmo” did not appear in the list in my e-mail inbox…

“kosmo,” if you are out there, please be notified that your connection is causing trouble…


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