…from glory to glory

There and back again…

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began,
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many path and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
The Old Walking Song sung by Bilbo Baggins, Chapter ‘A Long-Expected Party’.

Unlike dear old Bilbo Baggins, my latest journey did not begin just outside my door. It came upon me inside my little hobbit home and took me on a journey without ever leaving home…

I wrote the following account in my journal on September 4, 2015… After all that I have experienced, I feel as though I’ve been on a long road–there and back again…


September 4, 2015

The last work man has come and gone. Over the course of months between October 2014 and September 2015 we have had major exterior water–proofing of our foundation, replacement of our HVAC system, replacement and upgrade of our electrical panel and interior wiring, total replacement of the concrete slab in our master bedroom, installation of an elevated commode for the master bath, complete installation of hardwired Ethernet outlets in all our rooms, repair of two major common water pipes in our ceiling, drywall replacements and repairs in all but the baths, new ceiling ventilator fans in both baths, painting throughout our apartment and new carpeting installed in the master bedroom. I am writing this in the comfort of my workstation which has been restored to its place in the freshly painted, carpeted master bedroom…

…But I don’t want to make this a complaint. It was a journey. True; it was a tiring journey, my world was disrupted and my attentions forced into managing the chaos which I hate and which ordinarily, in times past, has aroused only crankiness in my response to it; but this journey was filled with grace and mercy and the presence of the Lord in difficult circumstances…

God gave me so many blessings in the thick of this dusty experience. The blessings did not come in the absence of difficulty; they came in the midst of it—being surrounded by it. I thought I should write down the blessings, because I have trouble remembering the gentle, good things which are often eclipsed by the emotional reactions to drama and trauma…

Friends have been supportive and helpful along this journey; helping me with emptying the master bedroom for the slab construction work; supplying boxes and strong arms to pack away books and other things in preparation for the drywall and painting work. Our condo management paid for three days for my husband and I to stay in a local hotel while the dust from the concrete work settled out of the air. The crews who worked on the waterproofing, the slab and the electrical, the technical, the HVAC, the plumbing, and the paint and drywall, etc., have all been faithful and patient and courteous and honest and vigilant to complete their jobs well, with a minimum of the thorny issues often discovered when foundations are unearthed, floors are excavated, walls and ceilings are opened, pipes are exposed… In short, the phenomenon known as Pandora’s Box…

God gave me the calm to help strategize and sort out the alternatives with each crew at each stage for each job; these “monkey wrenches” did not destroy my joy, but were actually opportunities to be a witness of the sanctified grey cells God has given me in Jesus to help with solutions…

The cleaning help came and removed the fine film of white dust which settled on nearly every surface during the drywall repairs. The windows have been cleaned, the draperies laundered, the carpets vacuumed, air filters replaced…there are curtains at all the windows and I can walk around in my black crocs without having them be covered in white dust…I baked today for the first time in over a year with all the upheaval in our home…

God has granted grace and strength for each day’s work for the past year, and the peace while waiting for approval for each of the tasks which our condo association was responsible to execute and finance…the courage to work through the details of coordinating all of our personal jobs on a schedule compatible with the major tasks being scheduled by our condo association contractors…the assurance of God’s sovereignty over every detail and His presence in my dusty existence…I can scarcely believe it is finally accomplished, and I am praising God for all His mercies along the way…for keeping Edward well, and for granting me the mercy of wellness during the thick of the activity, and healing for the illnesses which came during periods of waiting between jobs…kindness in timing of my infirmities…strength to care for Edward’s needs on this long journey, and the mercy of Edward’s strength to care for me when I needed rest…but I’m still tired…so I find there’s only thing to do: trust God for the strength to rise to the tasks which remain and need attention in the immediate future; and for the strength to be restored so that I may work beyond the daily necessities of stewarding the home He has given us…

I walk by faith and not by sight while looking forward to sewing something besides drapery hems, resuming writing and returning to the joy of preparing for children’s ministry in our church…



Postscript: Sorry, no other photos. The adventure was far too adventurous to permit time or opportunity to stop for photos…

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