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Real Power

Here is an entry from my journal dated December 8, 2007. It resonates in my heart during this season of Pentecost…


At this time of year when the seasons of reflection, expectation and dedication meet in one glorious explosion of joy and light, here I am, studying the work of God in the Book of Acts. On this day, what shakes the doorposts of my being are the words from the lips of Messiah Jesus–not at His birth, but prior to His coronation as the King of glory:

“Wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father…You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Luke 24.49.

What is this “power?” The Greek “dunamis.” Like dynamite: its properties when it ignites: highly flammable; reacts to anything which de-stabilizes it (nitro) or draws near to it with heat; earth shaking, transforms whatever is near it when it explodes–explosive; illuminating–blinding light comes out of its explosion…

(Did the disciples know anything of gunpowder and dynamite in their day?)

This is the effect of the working of the Holy Spirit. But the vessel who bears the Holy Spirit is not to be explosive. Instead, that vessel–that “temple” of the Holy Spirit–is called to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before [her] God…” (Micah 6.8). That vessel–that “temple” of the Holy Spirit’s “dunamis”–is instructed to be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10.16) That “temple” of the Holy Spirit’s “dunamis” is to be both bold and gentle. The “dunamis” of which the Lord Jesus speaks to His chosen ones is the effect of submission to the increase of the Lord Jesus’ government in her; for He is the King of glory… How fitting is that perspective for my own transformation during this season of dedication, expectation and celebration of Messiah’s coming–for me!

Now I see the “dunamis” worked in my own being and character. Throughout God’s ordained span of time–God set carefully packed “charges” in people over that period to have that explosive effect of transforming me. Some of those vessels were more highly charged and combustible than others; but still, He has had His way of transformation…

Ed is the most, the dearest, the longest, sustained vessel of “dunamis” in my life. By his love and faithfulness, his patience and quiet wisdom, his enduring care and acceptance of who I have been and am becoming, his prayers for me; and I am sure much more than I can know at this hour…

Next, would be my mother, because her flame, though steady in my younger years, was not so long-lived, and it flickered under the winds of my adult wanderings; still her prayers for me might have endured even to her death; I can only suppose…

And then Paulette, because of her fellowship, her friendship, her acts of love, her prayers, her acceptance, and her quiet counsel in times when I was probably just too “on fire” for my own good, or the good of others…

And then, Scott, all for the same reasons, and then some: the brother I never had, and the brother who taught me about “family”

And there are more…probably prayer warriors along the way who never said a word to me, but knew enough to go to my Lord directly…

How does that “translate” for my personal life and witness?

I pray to be more sensitive to other “vessels” of the Holy Spirit’s “dunamis” whom He has laid, and continues to lay, along the path behind and before me. I pray to have a mind which remembers quickly that He has carefully chosen these vessels for deepening my own capacity for His power to be worked for His glory. I pray for a heart to see and to praise Him heartily for them.

But most of all, the greatest desire of my heart is to increasingly surrender to the goodness and love of Messiah’s government in my life, being transformed more and more, and worshipping Him in my here and now, forever… The “dunamis”, the effect of that surrender, belongs entirely to the King of glory…

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