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Is Age Just a Number?

Recently, one of my WordPress friends asked this question. She had been thinking about it in regard to a relationship, particularly as it would apply in an age-gap of ten, 20 or even 30 years…

There were numerous answers to her post; but it provoked some thought for me as to how to answer this question. I did not wish to be discouraging. My own experience, however, especially in this particular decade of my relationship, has brought challenges with my up-close and personal encounter with reality. The questions that arose in my mind were: “Shall I risk discouraging this precious one? How do I encourage while avoiding saccharin platitudes that will only disappoint?”

I asked God for wisdom and grace to be a voice in this dear one’s wilderness cry.  My comment was more of a blog post than a comment. So I’ve decided to share it on my site…

For all you dear ones out there in “Readerville” who are reviewing all the data on marriage prospects between people in different decades of life, I add my input to your data. I am going to give it to you straight…

Realistically, when two people are in their young to mid-adult years, their capacities to enjoy what they share in common are still good. The age gap is non-existent. My husband and I know. We were there and had a blast. Life was our oyster, as they say… Ed and Pat at Siera2

As the years progress, the gap has widened in the capacities to enjoy what we still share in common. Life happens. Loss and grief are things we share in common. Our humanity and joy and vitality are alive and well inside us, although our bodies are slower and are beset with circumstances beyond our control. What we loved in each other then was mostly on the inside, and we were able to express our love on the outside. What we love in each other now has not changed; but it has grown and it has deepened and become more rich and enduring. Although our expression has changed, it is no less fervent; and we are both praising God for protecting us from a superficial attraction…

December 2014bBe sure that you really love the person inside the body in which he/she is trapped, and that you are not afraid to love him/her in all seasons; because when he/she cannot perform as in former days, he/she will need your faithfulness to him/her…

I am aware that similar challenges can arise in folks more closely matched in age. I’ve not done any “scientific” research on the probabilities and statistics. All I can do is speak as one who knows what a 9-year age difference has made in our lives in some important ways. For us it is rich and wondrous and blessed; I would do it all over again…


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