…from glory to glory


The new post window is open and here I sit with my fingers on the keyboard…

The weeks have drifted by, washed in currents of reading other friends’ posts, led on paths to re-visit Middle Earth, immersed in the water of the Word of God, and plunged into dialog with other hearts…

My little sailing ship has cut through many currents, venturing far and wide across the seas during what I hope is the very last blast of winter in our region. I’d rather be someplace tropical and sunny, but I am exceedingly grateful for God’s mercies on my stretch of the sea of life…

Now that I’ve managed to steer my little craft back into harbor, I am beginning to think about how to blog all the things I’ve discovered and learned on my little voyage to encourage all who are in this boat with me, as I sail from glory to glory…

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