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Dream Reader, Where are You?

Blogging 101: Write to Your Dream Reader

“We are often like children skipping through the corridors of the kingdom, looking at everything, while pausing to learn the true value of nothing.” – A.W. Tozer

Dear Dream Reader,

You are sitting at your computer or laptop clicking away, searching social media or blog sites for something substantial to read: something to chew on, to provoke your thought, encourage, inspire you to persevere–reassure you that there are not just people but real humans at the other end of your communications device: a real human who doesn’t just write about him/herself; a real human who writes to include you and engage you through written posts–like messages in a bottle or letters you would find in your mailbox; a real human who doesn’t just harp on what you hear barking at you in the news and social media; a real human who speaks purpose and vision and reason into all the clicking and flashing traffic of the world web voices and images…

So I’m writing to you, Dream Reader, wherever you are. I am a human writer full of a lifetime of thoughts and encouragements to share with others. I am seeking a hungry reader who likes to read and values the moments spent engaging and being engaged in wise and edifying exchange with other writers through the printed word. Dream Reader, I know how to embed videos and photos in my posts as well as the next blogger; but you need no photographic or pictorial imaging experience. You do need an attention span long enough to absorb more than a nano-bit of information in one viewing.  You must be able to appreciate reading posts of all sizes and stay on track with serialized works. I need you to be willing to read posts which may not include videos or other visual images to catch your eye while clicking your way through the content. If you are the reader I hope you are, you would be willing to think through my posts making the best use of your God-given little grey cells, and dialog with me in a respectful, thoughtful responses…

And I say “dialog” because I will read your posts, too. Dream Reader, this is a two-way proposition…

I know you are out there in that sea of sentient humans. Dream Reader, please respond soonest…

And if you want something to consider before you respond visit some of the pieces found in the categories listed on the right of this page… May they bless you, Dream Reader…

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