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The Rains Had Finally Come: Sven Birkerts on Writing

This post by Cheri Lucas Rowlands is marvelous, and a true encouragement at a time when my own attention is divided and all I have are thoughts which I cannot articulate. This is a “keeper.” The link to Sven Birkerts’ piece, “The unearned gift,” at Aeon changed the way I’m looking at this frantic feeling of not being able to compose and communicate right now. Thank you, God, for these two writers and the unearned blessing they have been to me in this season of multitudes of unutterable thoughts.

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For the writers out there who’ve struggled with writer’s block, or whose wells are currently dry, I invite you to read Sven Birkerts’ Aeon essay on how it feels when the tide comes back in. He captures this moment, while sitting on a bench by a lake in Central Park in New York City:

All of a sudden, I found myself wanting to write sentences again and, when I did, it felt to me like the rains had finally come, stirring up life in the dry land. I don’t know if I even shifted in my place, but whatever it was has since brought something back that had gone missing. The time hasn’t been that long, really, but by what clock? What decides long? The clock of days or the clock of the inside life? How long can a person feel unconnected and not feel that it’s too long? Writing…

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