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Thoughts on the sacrifices at the Feast of Tabernacles Part 2

As I was reflecting on the great cloud and weight of the sacrifices attendant to the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, I could not help being impressed with the odors and the aromas which must also have emanated from the sacrificial altar. The message of the need for atonement in such a bloody, fiery way is hard to speak if one is in any way reluctant to be an offense to others. Nonetheless, the message of atonement for sin is urgently important, even if it grates upon people’s feelings of esteem for their good qualities and works. The Word of the Lord which emerged as I wondered how others might react to this portion of my blog on the Feast of Tabernacles was graphic…

2 Corinthians 2-15&16

I realize that to some the fragrance of the sacrifice of Messiah Jesus will be the sweet aroma of LIFE.  For others, the odor of the sacrifice of Messiah Jesus will only be the stench of death…

May all the readers out there in the big wide world of blogging be able to see the great mercy of a holy God and the joy of Messiah Jesus’ sacrifice which permeates our need for atonement with the sweetness of His finished work on our behalf…

The next segment on the Feast of Tabernacles speaks of the elements of water, light, and peace in the celebration. Hope you will visit again… BLESSINGS ALL AROUND…



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