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A verbal interlude… (or write, already!)

It has been a day or two since I last posted. I was not feeling well that day and posted my experience of strengthening by trusting the Lord for His strength. In the interlude between that day and this one, I have been studying my writings on the Feast of Tabernacles. I have been wanting to post the edited and refined content that would fit well with the Word Press formatting. That has occupied a good measure of my writing time the past two days. I am glad to say that, as I am reviewing what I had recorded so many years ago on the subject, is touching me again in new ways. I look at things I have written from so long ago and wonder who wrote it? I cannot believe these things came out of this person’s being. After all, I am only a housewife, although a fairly well-read housewife, and one having had an extraordinary measure of time to deeply delve into Scriptural history. I used it all for many years in the education of children and their families in my Messianic congregation and also in my non-denominational Christian church settings…

(I am not looking at my feet or twirling my hair and staring out the window on this exercise…)

So I thought it would be nice to merge some of the facets of the lesson materials I wrote for the classroom and some other commentaries which I wrote for a discipleship manual to help new Jewish Christians understand that they are still Jewish believing in Jesus…

As I sit here, trying to meet the quota of 400 words for this exercise, I am reminded how easily my words flowed to the paper when I was writing these lessons on the Feasts. There is a certain excitement and joy at the realization of how marvelous it is to enjoy a feast which honors and magnifies the beauty, grace, authority and majesty of God, especially through His provision of feasts which fit perfectly into the seasons of the year–at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Add to that the shadows of the Messiah so richly planted in each of the feasts, and the historical fulfillment of them–save one–in Messiah Jesus, and you have the fuel which drives a heart in love with God to type as fast as she can on the blank page for hours and hours. (Believe me, my husband knows.)

So, fellow journalists, whatever is prompting and provoking you to share your thoughts, remember that there are people out here who are hungry for encouragement in a world that cannot get enough of it. Hopefully, my words here–random as they are–will encourage somebody among you. Stay tuned for more “Treasures both new and old” and another installment covering the Autumn Holydays. The next one will give an overview of the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).


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