…from glory to glory

When there are just too many thoughts…

Today I had sincere intentions to share and express something that adds my voice to other voices of encouragement out there in the big wide world. I simply have too many thoughts to be of any good; but, I guess that’s okay, because God knows every one of them and exactly how they will emerge out of the fractal web that is my current mental condition… I praise Him for all the wondrous things floating around in this big old clay pot that I am, and trust Him for a timely expression.

My little Word Press prompt at the top of my posting window says, “Draft saved. Keep on goin’!” Well, I can’t keep on goin’. My grey cells need a break… So, may God grant the increase to this little bit of what can trickle out of my stream of consciousness… Stay tuned for updates…


If anyone else out there is experiencing this phenomenon of having more to say than can be articulated, my prayers are with you today… I’m going to go rest my little grey cells for a bit, and listen for the voice of the Lord… “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” –Isaiah 30.15

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