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My First Post on WordPress…

Okay. So here is a whole new medium opened up to my expression and sharing and receiving this side of Heaven. I’m only accustomed to my Facebook posts and my inner circle of friends. I’ve never gone “public” with anything but what I could not keep privately controlled…

But here it is: a gateway introduced to me through the pain and sorrow and triumphs and losses of a very special person who is sharing her journey in this medium. This is part of a legacy of her husband who knew how to use this gift for encouragement and for God’s glory to everyone who might run across his posts. His are enormous shoes to fill…

I’m not entertaining any delusions of adequacy about this venture… It’s not that I have nothing to share… Oh! There is so much! It’s the “how” of it all that eludes me… And so very much to learn from others here…

So, Lord, my Father, I give this to You, as every good gift and every perfect gift comes from You. You are sovereign over all things in Heaven and on earth for all time… and perhaps, as You, in Your perfect timing, have watched over my life to bring me to faith in Your Son, Messiah Jesus, have brought me to this place for such a time as this… Sharing this journey with You in the seasons of life this side of Heaven… Lord, that I might finish well…

friends on journey

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4 thoughts on “My First Post on WordPress…

  1. Patricia! I’m so glad you are doing this! I have savoured your insights at Bible study and now others can enjoy them too.
    I LOVE that autumn poem!


  2. Patricia on said:

    ❤ from one Patricia to the other 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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